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Adventures in Coding

There are so many great ways to teach your kids to code. Come explore the newest and the best. We will review some of the staples, and learn some ways to keep them fresh. From dressing up Dash and Dot to lighting up an LED ring with Arduino. Then we will launch into some great new ways to get coding. We will check out the games like codingFarmers, Potato Pirates, and Hacker. We will read about Ruby and check out how she inspires exploration. We will see how to make a game with Jewelbots, light things up and make games with the new Microbit, and watch how the Sparki robot gets us programming with robotics. We will also check out free online projects from Scratch that will draw us in for hours of fun. From concrete coding samples to unplugged activities you will be inspired to teach your kids to code – or maybe learn something new yourself.