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Stalking Your House With Home Automation

Over the past two years, I’ve built a ton of sensors with the ESP8266 microcontroller platform to monitor activities around my house. I have sensors that are currently monitoring the temperature throughout my house plus two freezers in my basement. My garage has a garage door sensor to know if it is open or closed as well as a light sensor, complete with Slack integration for alerts and alarms. To top it off, I need to know when the washing machine completes it’s cycle so I monitor the vibrations of both the washer and dryer to know if they are running or not.

This entire platform is built on open-source technology including Mosquitto MQTT server, Node-RED, and Slack. There is a mobile phone application, dashboard, and alarms. The hardware is all custom built, no commercial devices are used at all.

I will demonstrate what I have built, show some of the custom hardware modules, and do a tutorial on starting your own home automation platform. I will cover the hardware, embedded software, various libraries, all of the server components, and alternative services that I tested along the way.